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Frequently Asked Questions

We've done our best to anticipate some of the questions that might come up.... here they are.  If you have others, just send us a note or call.  There's not much we can't figure out! 
  • Can someone come with me that doesn't bike?
    • Absolutely!  There is a +1 option in registration that let's a non-biker have all the fun, food, drinks & swag without the biking! 
  • Do I need to sign up as a group or can I come solo?
    • Solo​ riders are totally welcome!  There will be plenty of time to meet up with other riders on the trip over meals, campfires, beers and on rides, of course!
  • What if I don't have camping gear?
  • Can I rent a bike?
    • Yes!  Bike rentals are available at The Hub as well as Sycamore Cycles, both are close to the campground.  Call in advance to reserve your bike! ​
  • Will there be a mechanic available?
    • ​We won't have an on-site mechanic but there are plenty of local bike shops close by that can help out.  The Hub is the most convenient and their super friendly staff will do their best to take care of you! 
  • How old do you have to be to participate?
    • Participants should be 21+​
  • Are there options for vegetarian meals? 
    • Of course!  Contact us with specifics!​​​
  • What is your transfer/refund policy?​
    • Transfers: Transfers aren't a problem!  Contact us:
    • Refunds: We understand that things happen so refunds will be accommodated as best as possible based on date requested & processing fees
  • Will there be food provided on the ride?
    • Yes!  Each rider will receive a snack bag for each group ride  ​
  • Will I need firewood?
    • Bonfires will happen at the home base campsite where wood will be provided.  Each campsite also has a ring.  Bring your own wood for that one! 
  • Are pets allowed?
    • It stinks, cuz we love our four legged friends, but pets aren't permitted at any group gathering and/or on any campsite that is shared.  
  • Are  there other things to do in Brevard?
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